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This class focuses on postures and breath control while developing strength, flexibility and a clear mind.  Yogic breathing techniques assist in sustaining the movement into postures.  Poise, strength, balance and an overall improvement in physical health.  All fitness levels are welcome.




HATHA yoga

Lotus Yoga Center

in the heart of Apopka Florida

A Center for health and wellness

This class focuses on staying connected to the breath while flowing from one posture to the next.  Build strength and endurance while cultivating inner peace and developing an overall balance.  Intermediate and above fitness level.

Kundalini targets individual body systems, especially the spine, to promote enhanced well-being and functioning.  This class consists of postures, breathing techniques, hand gestures, body locks, chanting and meditation.  All fitness levels welcome.  


A calm, serene sanctuary - a place to slow down, unwind and regroup. 

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